There are some issues with using Webclient. Some are quite common like the Note and the Recordlink. But some are only apparent when you start using the webclient and then panic when things follow a science of their own. 1) Time zone If you have used web server in the previous version of Navision, you […]

There are 3 things that I learn today when I was exploring how to get things done in NAV 2013 R2: 1) New solutions often mean new opportunities I was creating to create a new company in NAV 2013 R2. I am quite experienced with it with the Powershell tool. There was a slight catch. […]

We all learnt that the date format in Navision forms and reports are controlled by the date setting in the regional setting in Windows. No big surprise there. Since RTC, the logic still remained for the program but in NAV 2013 R2, I learn that we had this in the Report Builder. If you assume […]

1) Preview the report in the layout Last week, I formatted some reports. They looked fine in the preview screen so I saved it to pdf. You image my shock when the pdf were opened and I saw my row numbering logic changed. I am not going to talk about row numbering which is a […]

This is the second time that I have installed NAV 2013 R2 and I still find that I have no firm understand of the installation step. 1) Web Server Components (Part 1) The help server module is dependent on the Web Server Component. If Web Server Component is not installed on the same server as […]

Yesterday, I had to reinstall a NAV 2009 R2. To say it did not go smoothly was understatement. Today, I watched a clip by Microsoft on how to perform delegation and I learnt a few tricks: 1) SPN I understand the reason for the SPN. What I never I understood was why we had to […]

I tried renaming a company in NAV 2013 R2 yesterday. It turned out to be a nightmare. I don’t mean the steps in Powershell. I tested it in a Powershell and it performed correctly. I tried it on an actual company and that was when the problem started: 1) The program informed me that it […]